pyRevit helps you quickly sketch out your automation and addon ideas, in whichever language that you are most comfortable with, inside the Revit environment and using its APIs. It also ships with an extensive set of powerful tools that showcase its capabilities as a development environment. Download and install pyRevit, launch Revit, and note the new pyRevit tab that includes these tools. pyRevit also ships with a handy CLI utility for customized configuration and deployment of your tools, and a telemetry server to monitor pyRevit usage across your teams.


pyRevit can help you Link to heading

  • Add a powerful set of free tools to your Revit workflows.
  • Sketch out your automation ideas quickly in python
  • Write your own Revit addons for Revit using python (IronPython or CPython), C#, VB.Net
  • Distribute your tools (pyRevit, Dynamo, or Grasshopper) easily to your teams using a unified interface
  • Share your tools with the community


Getting Started Link to heading

Get Started Using pyRevit Link to heading

Install pyRevit

Create Custom Patterns

Manage Keynotes

Configure pyRevit

Install Extensions

More guides are available here

HOW TO Guides

Get Started Developing for pyRevit Link to heading

Create Your First Command

Read the pyRevit API reference to know everything about pyRevit available modules, functions, …

pyRevit API Reference

Read the docs to know everything about pyRevit scripts, extensions, …

Developer Docs

pyRevit has a powerful command line utility

pyRevit CLI

And when you are ready to deploy your tools to your team

pyRevit For Teams


Staying Updated Link to heading

Follow pyRevit on Twitter to stay notified about the upcoming changes and follow pyRevit Release Notes for the breaking changes

Check out the blog for news


And the future plans for pyRevit are laid out here



Dealing with Issues Link to heading

Check the list of Currently Open and Previously Reported Issues for anything similar to yours.

See the FAQ page for questions


See the guide below on how to report new issues

Reporting New Issues


Getting Involved Link to heading

Get involved with the community of developers, creating tools with and for pyRevit


Share Your Passion Link to heading

Help making pyRevit better

Help with Documentation

Help Translate pyRevit

Create Tutorials

Share Revit Build Numbers

Share Your Code Link to heading

Help making pyRevit core and tools better

Improve pyRevit Core

Contribute New Tools

Share Your Extensions

Bundle Shelf

Share Your Coins Link to heading

Help making pyRevit financially stronger Support on OpenCollective


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